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Mar 30, 2007
Visalia, CA
So, the decision was made to get the 4X4 Labs bumper with dual swingouts, which I picked up from Luke's shop in Grass valley on August 20th (a late B-day present to myself).

We had some slow days at work a few weeks ago, so the Cruiser came in and the sawzall came out.


The "udder" was an idea of my coworker, Kyle. It eventually succumbed to sparks from the grinder.

After all the cutting and grinding, Kyle just decided to man-handled the piece off.

Before pic.

After pic. The hitch was remounted to keep the frame from flexing too much.
More parts came off later, so the wings could be mounted and the shell test-fitted.

Wings on.



I even got the spare tire carrier back underneath by trimming 5/8" off the crosspiece.

Blurry pic of it mounted.

This brings us to Friday, when I had the day off and decided to help Talon with the smog issues on his truck. He ended up helping me get the main body of the bumper all put together. :bounce:

Nice welds.


We were trying to figure out why the recovery point eyelets ended up so close to the bumper shell. I think I figured out the the pieces got welded on upside-down, but this will give me a slightly better departure angle.

No, the shackles I have will not currently fit.

:hmm: A creative solution is forthcoming. ;)

The master metalworker at work.

Finish-welded and cooling before mounting.
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Looks good I'll have to check it out when it's all done ... I need to get somthing on the back of the 80
Installed photo.


Yesterday, I ground the welds on the hitch receiver smooth.

The upper weld ended up almost gone, but it's still fully welded on the inside. Talon, does this look okay?
It was welded on both outside surface as well as inside along with those additional gussets. It's covered well all around. I could add more than what was provided if it is a concern
nice bumper

its probably plenty strong. if you are worried about it you could always cut a "vee" into the weld crack with your angle grinder and then weld it up and re-smooth it out with your flapper wheel. Or...if you know someone with tig skills you could have them weld it after you do the v-grind. the tig would look sexy and you could just leave it without the flapper.
We could grind out that seam a bit and weld it like Dusty suggested. Might be a good idea so that you would get rid of the hair line crack and keep water from getting in there
Alright, we'll do that next time we get together.
Getting some paint and primer on before Surf 'n' Turf.


When are you heading out? I am looking at leaving Thursday morning once I get my transmission and t-case re-assembled and installed.
Hopefully Thursday afternoon, but it may be Friday after the kids get out of school. I plan to bring a small trailer and set up an area with some Toyota flags, so look for me.
Got primer and paint on the rest of it.


This side was done by headlight and flashlight in the driveway.



I think I probably have a few runs and drips here and there. :hillbilly:
Hopefully Thursday afternoon, but it may be Friday after the kids get out of school. I plan to bring a small trailer and set up an area with some Toyota flags, so look for me.

It will be Friday, and now I plan to pull the trailer in to the campground with "the rest" of you guys. Probably be at the CVC raffle.

Found out about Rusty's reservation too late, he had already relinquished it. I'll call the park in the morning, but if there's any way one of you could guarantee us a spot, I'd appreciate it. Cacy or Dan H. should have my number.

Since we won't be on the beach, I probably won't bring the flags. ;p
I actually never installed the spare tire & carrier back underneath after the bumper was assembled. I only did it while I had the side wings on there.
It's "done"!

Talon got to keep it for a couple weeks and finished up the swingouts etc. He even added a few custom features I asked for.

This light I got from a coworker and had it set up to swing away for more than just a reverse light.

Swingout on a swingout. :lol:

The other antenna mount.

Trying to get a shot here of the custom setup for the Hi-Lift. The original design just called for welding its mount straight on to the tire carrier. Talon added a few pieces to get it in a better location.

I still need to take a picture of the cutouts for the recovery points, but here's what we have for the trailer connector (and the 4X4Labs logo).
Spent a little time at work today doing some wiring.

The license plate lights are called Tag Boltz and are designed for motorcycles. I'd say they work pretty well for this situation.

The camera reverted to a slower shutter speed, so it looks like there is more light than there actually is.

The reverse lamp lights up my Camry pretty good, though.

Daytime pic of the license plate bracket before I got the lights on.

wow that is an awesome set up. like all the little features you added. im still looking to get a rear bumper built since no one makes a plated one other than CBI but no one has gotten it yet so im still undecided. really want a custom one
The CBI ones look really nice for the 1st/2nd-gens. I was trying to encourage one of the guys at work to get their front bumper kit.

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