Really sqeaky rear supension

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May 28, 2011
Logan Utah
Every little crack in the road makes my rear suspension squeak like crazy, its been going on for like 4 months and I've tried to lube things up down there and nothing happens. :bang: Anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? I'm also looking at getting new suspension but i have no idea where to even look. Prices? Recommendations? its bone stock and I'm running 265/75/16's. Thanks in advance!
Did you dent or bend your shocks in any way?
Have you checked the sway bar and lubes the rubber bushings on it?
Explain more what you lubed up so we have a better idea what has been done.
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A squeak could be a ton of things. Can you make it happen when the rig is stationary, like by rocking the body? If so, have a helper cause the squeak, climb under and find it.
I'm pretty sure they're not bent, or dinged. But they are shot. I need new rear shocks. My cruiser has 265,000 miles on it, and everything is stock. And no, cant make the sound when its parked, I've tried rocking it, bouncing it and nothing. I lubed every bushing that i could see, and everything that i thought could be making a squeaking noise. could it possibly be the shocks since they are done for? they're so bad that if i drop the tail gate and sit on it, it squats about 3 inches or so. Its annoying, and i wanna get it fixed soon.
I've had shocks that were shot (not visibly dinged, dented, etc) squeak. It sounds like you're in the market for some new ones anyway, I'd go ahead and start there.
If your happy with the way your rig sits now they should work fine.

If your looking for more height and want to run 35" tires it may not be a bad idea while your in the area. Don't forget the caster bushings or plates on the front if you go that route depending on your spring choice.
I replaced my shocks as they were shot. My rig squeeked before and still does. Just sayin.
I had a horrible squeak too! I got under the truck and had someone jump up and down on the rear bumper. I isolated the general location, but just couldn't make sense of where that horrible SQUEAK was coming from. It ended up being my body mounts. I just sprayed some WD40 on them and no more squeak.
Give a try, but that may have been my problem because my truck had been hit on the rear quarter panel before.

Make sure your body mounts are bolted down tight. You don't want to break one of those out of the body via vib's. Some RTV between the pucks and mounts will stop your squeek for good. Just a thought.
Also try checking the rear swaybar, by bushings went completly bad and they were making quite a bad squeak. Just a thought, hope you track it down, squeaks and rattles will drive ya nuts after a while!!
I know you are thinking suspension, but the squeakiest part on my truck is the rear hatch/tailgate combo. That could lead one to believe the squeak is the rear suspension. Also give your rubber exhaust mounts a look to see if they are broken.
I had a bad rattle/squeak for a while :meh:

Checked every nut, bolt and bushing on my suspension, but couldn't find a flaw :confused:

Turned out to be a seized bellcrank for the parking brake :doh:

Since it wouldn't return to its proper position when released, the cable end would be loose and rattle away every time I hit a bump :bang:

Drove me nuts, but she's silent now that I disconnected the cables and ziptied them out of the way :)

Still waiting on the right bellcrank assembly (on backorder)
I had or have every now and then a squeak in the rear it is the upper shock bushing on one sied and the spring rubbing on the top where it seats
Everything is fairly new and I am to lazy to pull it apart right now
I just shoot some dry lube up the area and it disappears for a while, it has been awhile since it has squeaked maybe it has stopped
Thanks everyone! I'll check all that stuff out and let you know what i come up with. Hopefully i can find it.

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