Quick water pump question

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Jul 31, 2009
North Texas
So... bought a phh kit years ago, and of course since I've had no seepage, no 'oh my God it's about to burst'age, etc, I've neglected to go ahead and change it. Until the nice little trickle I discovered at a gas station this week. So now I am about to go ahead and swap out all the hoses and do a good flush and refill.

So my question is... while I'm doing all this do any of you guys recommend going ahead and replacing the water pump? To my knowledge mine is still stock, '94, about 220,000miles. I've had good temps, no signs of any issues, but figure while I'm gonna be in there, and updating everything else, maybe pickup a new water pump to put on for peace of mind? Not sure if a water pump is a 'yeah might as well,' or a 'if it aint broke don't fix it' kind of thing.
Not many water pumps go out BUT its a really good piece of mind. That at the thermostat and fan clutch. Its the trifecta. :p
Yeah... peace of mind seems nice, if attainable haha. I'm planning drain and replace fan clutch fluid with the thicker stuff, definitely new thermostat, and going to install an inline temp gauge like the koso mentioned in other threads since I'm a '94 with obdI. Might even do the raventai mod just to have a second good read on my temps. I'm leaning towards putting on a new water pump. And I've also got all the parts minus a bic and battery for a dual battery setup in my garage, so maybe I'll just ground my cruiser for a bit and finally get to all the things I've been letting pile up for a few years.
I'm in the same boat. But I was going to do the , flush the system then replace the PHH and heater control valve.
Using the mentality of "If it moves it will fail" everything should be changed out.
I would save your money and run it till failure.
Fuel Pumps and Water Pumps have been known to last 400K
But how old is your coolant?
I always replace the water pump, thermostat, coolant and oil on any vehicle I buy with the exception of low mileage vehicles...< 40k miles. It's cheap insurance and cheap peace of mind. If it has higher miles than say 100k I replace the timing chain/belt and tensioner also. This applies to all vehicles I buy because I have seen some stupid stuff happen that was completely preventable because the owner didn't want to spend another dime and hadn't calculated maintenance into a used car purchase. I have had the unfortunate job of telling dozens of people that their car needed another engine or needed a rebuild with machining, which usually cost more than a used engine with warranty. I would NEVER run a modern water pump to fail as mentioned above, I've on too many occasions seen the formed steel impellers completely rotted away is situations like this,all that crap gets lodged in your radiator and heater core, congratulations, you just added an unnecessary $800+ to your repair bill because it couldn't be flushed out of it acted like a fluid abrasive and destroyed the radiator and heater core. If it were a 3/8 thick Mercedes diesel water pump impeller I'd say go for it. Spend the money now and save a lot more in the future. Be proactive not reactive.
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I just replaced my water pump that had over 320k on it. I changed it after hearing a small squeal. I replaced it with the Aisin pump. they actually use the toyota pump but the logo is ground off and a new logo is placed over it.
If it takes a 1FZ water pump to be at peace with your mind,,, may want to seek psychiatric help! If throwing away $$ helps, I have a PayPal that you could toss it in.:hillbilly:

If rig reliability is the goal, there is a very, very long list of other things that I would put ahead of the water pump. Have seen more motors die than water pumps, in fact, have put an original water pump on a replacement motor.
I replaced my water pump when it had about 225,000 miles as a pm when I thought I heard a squeak from it. After I pulled it out and put the new pump in I went back to check the old water pump I had just taken out, no squeak, no play in the shaft, impeller looked good. It's now my spare.
Using the mentality of "If it moves it will fail" everything should be changed out.
I would save your money and run it till failure.
Fuel Pumps and Water Pumps have been known to last 400K
But how old is your coolant?

Coolant is only 3 months old. Had a super last minute 'hey can you tow this' situation for work and dropped my cruiser off at the local Toyota dealership to let them quickly flush and fill for me. Nice Toyota red in there now, but will flush flush flush and update all I can before filling with green, *gasp* After having read through probably all the replies on coolant choice here I've decided the green stuff from my local auto parts store will be the right choice for me.

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