Put down the electrical tape.....

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Sep 25, 2012
Gardnerville, Nv
Recently had a few issues with my EFI relay over heating. I know they get hot, but it was turning the blades purple and shutting down the cruiser. So last night (after reviewing the @jonheld diaries) I decide to start removing the wire harness plastic/tape and begin the rewiring process. The more I revealed, the more the WTF's starting coming out. This is the under-side of the EFI relay and panel. At some point, someone decided it was a good idea to splice something into the EFI wiring. There was a 14" long 8 ga. wire coming out with a butt connector on the other end that went to nothing (but it was wrapped around and taped to the positive lead coming off the alternator). Long story shorter, I don't think a full re-wire is necessary, I'm hoping I can clean up everything around the panel with new wires and be on my way. Also, if you look close at the top right, there is a burned/broken wire. I believe it is red w/ yellow stripe. Is there a place that I can find out the color coding on the wires and figure out what each one is to hopefully put it back where it goes? It is not immediately obvious like a missing terminal.
I have the 1996 EWD, would that help? I could email it to you. I have no idea how to read it, but it's there :eek:
What is the melted/broken wire in the upper right of your picture?
What is the melted/broken wire in the upper right of your picture?
That's the one I'm talking about. There is no obvious terminal that it came from so I'm not sure. I'm hoping to track down a wiring diagram that has the colors of the wires on it so I am able to find out without tracing it through the car...

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