Purchase question on 2010 and mileage

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Jun 24, 2016
I have been on the fence on purchasing a 200 series or a domestic half ton. The cruiser has intrigued me for some time now as it is such a unique vehicle. My particular question is for those that have had the 08-11' platform, would you be comfortable purchasing a rather high mileage vehicle? There is a 2010 that is available in the color combo I am looking for, however it has 130K on it. For the under $30K price point, it doesn't seem bad, just don't want to be purchasing a money pit obviously. I drive a good 20K per year. On the upside it has had one previous owner whom has serviced it at Toyota dealerships for major services since purchased.

A few sticky points however - the carfax shows 2 incidents with 0 detail. First was damage reported shortly after purchasing, and also had an accident where "airbags did not deploy", a couple of years later. This says nothing of severity - could have been a fender bender or may have needed panel or more replaced. Mechanically, normal stuff for the most part, a shock absorber was leaking and replaced, oil found in spark plugs, coil pack damaged so replaced the right side gasket/seal, plugs and coil packs.

from what I can make of the service history it may be due for brakes and servicing of Differential and other items. I also have not seen where the radiator or water pump have been replaced to date.
Most folks around here would agree that 130k is not high mileage for an LC if it's been maintained well. They seem to easily go double that. FWIW I met someone with a 100-series recently who had 425k on the original drivetrain.
just not sure if I can justify another $20K for a lower mileage 13 or 14' model
I did


I was looking at $30-32k for an '08 LC or LX with 100k and ended up spending $49k for a CPO '13 with 49k miles. My justification was that 50k miles is 4-5 years of driving, and if I'm going to invest another $10-15k in mods why not get another 5 years out of them? Also doing so I was able to get mine CPO, so I knew I'd have some assurance that any issues the prior seller had hidden would likely be caught and covered.
Well it seems youve done your research already...if it looks to be a mall cruiser and wasnt
Wheeled hard buy it.

I bought my 2010 for 27k with 127k miles service record was impressive...i peeked under the truck and i was sold.
Personally, I am the opposite, I recommend a 2008 wit 200k miles for $20k. Get two of them for 1 '14. I have an 09 with 165k miles I bought with 120k.
Deep pockets buy new... why not.
Kinda deep buy 2015
Not so deep? Buy the newest you can afford ( me )

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