Possible issue with brake calipers

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Dec 25, 2005
Just past the middle of nowhere in South Texas
Recent purchase of a 1997 80 series. Was driving it and brake pedal became soft and went to floor before engaging brakes (and had to practically stand on the pedal for brakes to engage). Fluid level was at low mark so filled with brake fluid to full line on reservoir. Brakes worked fine for awhile, but after driving about an hour experienced same issue. Checked fluid reservoir and level was well passed the full line on reservoir.

This is my second 80 and had similar issue with last one that required the master cylinder be replaced. So, figured same issue here.

Dropped the 80 off at the dealership for repairs. They said the calipers were sticking on all 4 tires and new calipers are needed (when elevated on the lift 2 tires cannot be moved by hand and takes pretty good effort to rotate the other 2). I haven't noticed the vehicle particularly dragging when driving nor any rubbing or grinding sounds.

Before I jump off and have all new calipers (rotors and pads) installed, is there anything else I should be considering as the cause for the calipers seizing up? Just seems odd that they all would seize up at the same time.
Order up the Napa Reman Calipers.
$80 Each and have nice coating.
Use AAA or sign up online for 10% discount.
Likely Napa will have to order them and get them next day.
Highly unlikely that all would seize at same time.
You can test if calipers are sticking by trying to push back brake pads with some pliers. Special Brake Grease on pins is a good idea to, but don't get on pads.
Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere so over time it is possible to get corrosion inside the caliper cylinders. When the pistons wont go back the friction generates heat which causes the moisture in the brake fluid to boil which in turn causes brake fade. It happened on the cherokee i have in sweden. Flushed the brake lines with new fluid and changed out the calipers and life was good.
Depends where you are, Napa reman here, fronts, are $57 with core return. I replaced Napa on rear and it was about the same. I called at 7:30 am to order and they told me they would be in by 10:30 am from warehouse, I got them yesterday.
Just stopped by NAPA store and got price on calipers, pads, and rotors. Huge difference in price from OEM (I can pretty much buy four caliper from them for the price of one from Toyota). When questioning the Napa counter person about the calipers, he mentioned they source them from same manufacturer (reman) as Autozone. Flags went up for me.

Anyone have good or bad experiences with NAPA calipers, pads, and rotors they can share. I don't want to skimp on brakes but also not ready to spend a fortune if not necessary.
Calipers are just blocks of iron with some holes bored in them, the NAPA ones are perfectly fine. Toyota does make rebuild kits for the calipers (~$30 per axle)
I've not personally tried it but I'd be shocked if they didn't work. A popular upgrade is to run 100 series pads, they're slightly larger but still fit the calipers. OEM parts are great but in this case reputable aftermarket parts are similar quality wise to the Toyota parts and much cheaper. I recently overhauled the brakes on my 80, I was planning to rebuild all 4 calipers but the rears were nasty (one was seized) so I replaced the rears with Raybestos calipers and new ceramic pads and rebuilt the fronts.
I installed today 2 front Napa calipers and EBC green pads. The calipers have the same exact markings on them as the original Toyota ones. Do they use substandard rubbers? Don't know, but they have good reputation and my Napa rears are doing fine.


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