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Jul 18, 2017
Portland, OR
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  1. 80 Series
Portland Oregon, United States
Feeler post for interest in a trade of your overland LX470 or 100 for my built, triple locked 80 on 35s with a proper suspension setup. Cross posting from the 100 series classifieds. This is a '94 truck in Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1) with brown fabric interior.

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I've owned the truck for 1.5 years, got it from another Mud member, mitchbenson who did an extremely thorough job of baselining and building this truck for wheeling in Utah. Here's his original post from 2019 detailing the build:

For Sale - SOLD. SLC: 1994 ARB Locked, Armored, Baselined FZJ80
I could write a dissertation about the build journey for this rig over the last 2 years. It's been fun, but life circumstances change (for the better) and it's time to focus my attention on other projects. 1994 FZJ80 Clear, no accident Gallery linked here. Carfax attached. Fully baselined -...

1994 FZJ80 - glenwoodtribe

I got it at ~285k and it's at ~295 right now. Since acquiring it I've done a few things:
- swapped the Toyo MTs for Falken AT3W in 315 (35") for the snow rating
- installed a full Trail Tailor vinyl floor with heavy duty Noico in the cabin floor and front doors
- new Denso plug wires and either NGK or Denso plugs, can't recall
- Hella Supertone horns behind the front grille
- new front sway bar hardware from Kurt
- replaced all 4 window rubber runners and black door belt molding with OE Toyota
- replaced the front moisture barriers with OE, repaired the rears
- installed new JBL speakers in the front OE location and a Sony CarPlay head unit, used the Crutchfield kit so it's easily reversible
- installed a backup camera that ties into the stereo
- installed Depo H1/H4 headlights with glass lenses and Osram off road bulbs
- converted the corner lights and front turn signals to clear lenses but retained the original factory trim from the 94 so it all matches. Did the signal swap mod so the corner lights are turns for better visibility, which is fully reversible if you don't like it
- converted all turn signals and taillights to LED including the correct flasher relay from SuperbrightLEDs
- resealed the windshield gasket with 3M butyl per the FSM procedure

I have three bins of spares and OE parts too, including the OE headlights, marker lights, and the third row seats with pretty good fabric, as well as a Pioneer DVD/android auto HU that I removed.

This is a solid trail, camping, and moderate crawling rig. The clear coat is in bad shape on most of the truck, there's a rust spot developing on the hatch and on the rear passenger quarter where it has some trail damage, but otherwise the body and glass are in good shape. It was mostly a PNW truck so little if any road salt exposure. The sunroof seal and drains are problematic like most 80s, so it can leak in an automatic car wash or a very heavy rain. It has a couple small oil weeps and will consume 1/2 L of oil in an oil change interval. I use full synthetic in it with a MoS2 wear inhibitor. It passes Oregon DEQ with no problems and has all the factory emissions hardware. There are a few interior trim pieces broken or missing like the steering column clamshell trim and a rear speaker grille.

I really love this truck, and it's way overkill for what I ask it to do, which mostly is primitive camping here in Oregon and occasionally being an emergency escape vehicle for snow and weather. It is not a garage queen type of truck to look pretty for Instagram likes but never get dirty. Rock solid driving and engine temps from climbing passes near Mt Hood down to driving the salt flats in Alvord Desert in August. AC blows cold and the rear heat works.

Included equipment:
- NWTI front and rear bumpers with single swing tire carrier, ladder, and locking dual jerry can rack. All bumpers and armor are raw steel with forced patina using Ospho
- Trail Tailor sliders
- Modified KISS drawer system with two drawers, left top panel removed for fridge/cooler use, matching panel included
- Aluminum tailgate storage panels
- 3 Bins of spare parts and original parts
- Clean Oregon title in my name
- Clean Carfax report
- Roof racks, RTT, and jerries shown in some of the photos are NOT included— I didn't get them from the PO

I'm looking for a later model, preferably 03+ truck. Agnostic on LX vs LC, would prefer thoughtful mods (eg bumpers, lift, sliders) and good maintenance records over stock and low mileage. Strong bonus points for a Cypress or Galactic Grey rig with projector headlights and a mild overland build. Swap your IFS truck for a solid axle beast!

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