Pics from 2009 FJNE run

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Jun 12, 2005
I don't have a camera, so I have to rely on other people to take em.

Mostly FJs, but some good shots nonetheless...

Day 1, slideshow by Lana in my group, running the blue loops on the west property, led by me...


Some Day 1 after we picked up the stock white TT who hung in with us on the blues. Some Day 2, we ran Snakebite and 13 all day. A bit rainy, but a great day. I led with the Schmuckster as my co-pilot (thanks Gary), Don and Brian O tailed.

Pics by Tom...

2009 April - FJNortheasters Run - a set on Flickr

And of course, what would a trip be without Rick pushing his truck too far to find out what he needs to mod to make it better. I think he wanted to see how deep Lake Christie is...

YouTube - Capt Rick Swims1

Start gearing up folks, CMCC not far away.
Yikes... I hate that little lake. Did his truck survive?

He kept the truck running the whole time, so no problems with the engine.

Rick has done probably 20 scuba mods (raising the breathers) for other people and neglected is how transmission breather. So he had problems with his transmission.

He drained/flushed it, and it got marginally better. He decided to leave it, and went back to trailer it home. Not sure if he's done anything else to it, but according to his last post, it's fine at this point.

I think he's going to raise the breather now. ;)
I just ran the stock trails with my FJC. Here are some pictures from Sat: - /jmylie/images/FJNE2009/

It was a blast, it's amazing how easy it is with power steering.

The 55 will be back on the trails for CCMC.

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