Paint Bib white or Dune Beige?

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Sep 2, 2008
Tulsa, OK

I am getting my 40 painted Dune Beige. I will have a Bestop soft roof and doors (obviously black) and also am painting my windshield and hook hooks black. Right now I am torn on which color to paint the bib/grill (area around headlights.)

I know most people go with white, maybe to match the roof. I will be running a softop that is obviously black, so the bib would then be the only part that is white.

My gf thinks I should go with black to match the roof/doors. My paint guy thinks I should have it match and go dune beige.

What are your thoughts?

This is what dune biege and a black bezel looks like
black bezel.jpg
Nothing says "Hey here comes a Landcruiser" like a white bezel.
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Here is one I saw today that is Dune Beige with a dune beige bezel - don't think I am digging it...


Light on Light... hmm.. maybe if it was a white bezel.
I think the BLACK bezel would look awesome.

Here's mine with the black bezel (against Chrysler Chili Pepper Red)
Not to make it more difficult, but what color are your wheels? I'm partial to a white bezel, but if your wheels are black, top is black, then I think your choice is . . . black.
I saw the Cygnus White post and thought "perfect." Then I saw the black on red and I thought "Damn, that looks perfect too!" So now I am back to square 1!

My wheels will be white if that helps "Wichitakid"

Thank you guys, keep the opinions coming.
One thing about it, you can take it off and change the color. Just remember which sides up.
White wheels... easy choice.
White bezel, its classic.

But what do I know, mine came with a chrome bezel...
White for sure. I have a black hard and soft top with black steelies, but I keep the bezel white.

Kidding. I like white on dark colors and black on light paint jobs. White frames the grill better.

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