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Livermore, California 94550 United States
Hi ~ My family of 4 (2 adults, 6 and 3 yr old kids + large lab) are into dispersed camping, and are looking to upgrading from our current 'pack up the truck for each trip' setup to a 4x4 trailer to pull with our F150. Our desires are to keep camping gear packed and ready to go possible and to have a comfy mattress (although we can throw that in the pickup and still tent camp since RTTs are so much $$). We are now debating an overloading trailer (probably our first choice) or a small tent trailer that is set up to go off roading. Ideally we're in the $7ishk range, but for something with bells and whistles (water / hot water, power, RTT, annex, awning ,etc.) we'd possibly go a bit higher.

Still would love to hear what other people have done for a family that works well! Also open to ideas, suggestions, or someone who builds these on a budget (I know, good luck : ), or a bit of a project for us (within reason - we have small kids, so big projects take too much time : )

Willing to drive a ways for the right setup!




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