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Something New for Something Old so I not Blue

Hello I am in the albany ny area...

I need Something Old...But...I am poor...as many of us are right now.

Side aprons
Running boards...older pre 75 without the knotch
Running boards frame supports
Hood hold downs...on sides and top of hood
Windshield bumpers….old style..tall or shorties...doesnt mater to me
Fj40 starter…needs not be working
Fender supports…both sides
Early windshield frame…wipers on top
(1) Split Rim

I have for trade Something New ...an SOR front cage bars:

They have never been installed ...i have had them awhile so the paint is alil dinged.

I could also do some media blasting to make up the difference in price if the prices dont line up.

I am checking into all my possible avenues to keep resto 'Duo' to a minimum...or else the wife will KILL me :rolleyes: This makes me BLUE :frown:

I think that tyke may have some things...but...he's almost impossible to get a hold of sometimes.:eek:

Email me as i dont have a star and have too much in the inbox to delete off ...PM Box Is Full :rolleyes:

I have a ton of split rims. make an offer. I will accept beer as payment
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let me check, but I might have some fender supports. I have a pair of craptastic diamond plate fenders with factory supports.
Why not call cruiserparts. Bet they'd trade you a bunch o stuff off yer list for the cage and whatever else you have.
talk to him a lot, but it is sugaring season right now, and he is pretty busy with the shop. I will tell him to call you.
what size rims are those tires mounted on 16's?
Do you know backspacing on those rims?

looks like they were on a 4runner if so i would believe they would fit your truck nicely
These were used mostly off road on a trail rig so they've been aired down. At least one tire was practically Brand new no idea on mileage but they rode good for MTs I run 33s on my Pick up and these ran about the same so I don't think they are out of round. Plenty of tread left(3 are to lincolns chin and one covers his head completely). Here are the best pics I can get until this weekend. I believe they're 15x8 but I can't see anything on them stating the backspacing or offset.

These are diamondlock I's
and they fit
-American Racing Diamond Lock I, 15x8, 2003 Tacoma 4WD V6 XC.
according to this:
TTORA - Tire and Wheel Fitment - Faq

The wheels and tires are sold Pending funds
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$650 for everything thats left if you want it all Frame, engine tailgate doors carbs, fuel door and radio delete plate.
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