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Feb 2, 2004
I guess I have never noticed this and it came as kind of a shock as I don't remember other vehicles doing it but I am sure they did. I almost never back the 80 into the garage. I have a steep drive way up to the garage and I almost always have one car parked on the driveway but since I am planning on working on the front end of the 80 this weekend I wanted to back it in for better light. Anyways while backing up the steep driveway, I had to squeeze in pretty tight between the side of the garage and the car that I should have moved that was parked on the driveway. I took my foot off the gas for a second to slow and assess the situation and while looking back the truck started to roll forward while in reverse. It wasn't a lot maybe 2 feet but it was the oddest feeling, backing up looking back and rolling forward. Anyone else ever notice this while backing up? Just not enough rpms at idle for the torque converter to hold?


Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
How bout when moving forward?

Mine will roll back in drive if on a steep climb and i am not on gas or brakes. A few pucker moments but had wondered if normal.

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