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Jul 13, 2016
Belton mo
hey friends. I'm brian and live in Belton. I have 1979 fj 40. I need to put in new header gasket. Would love to get to know club. Any help out there
Hey Brian. Lots of knowledge in KC. Post up some pics of what you have and where you are with your rig.

1979 is a great year to have. still have the 2F?

There is a machine shop in Columbia with a fresh rebuilt engine that was for sale last year. Might be a great option for you.
I am going out to Brian's place to help him replace the exhaust gasket this Saturday, he has invited anyone else to come hang out and say hello, he will be grilling hot dogs.
Don't know about it.

Need to get a new name as i don't even own a 2f anymore.
Oh, the one at the machine shop???? Just call them.

What are the details on the 2f in Columbia? Know anything about the price?
I believe he has 1300 in parts in it however it's been sitting in his shop for 3-4 years.

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