NAPA Electronic Ignition Conversion (Canada)

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Sep 14, 2013
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
Hey folks,

Was wondering if anyone has had a go at installing the NAPA electronic ignition conversion they have offered on their website in Canada?

Part #: UNI TP366

It's pretty spendy but I feel like the Pretronix option will work out to be the same cost for me here in Canada after exchange, shipping and duty. Wondering if anyone has had a go at it and if it was any good.
That looks really expensive. At least one of the vendors here on Mud carry Pertonix. Would shipping be really that much for something that small?
Mmmm, sorry. I should of brought Mount Pearl up on Google Earth before I responded. You're really out there.
No experience with the Napa part.
Mmmm, sorry. I should of brought Mount Pearl up on Google Earth before I responded. You're really out there.
No experience with the Napa part.

Yes I live in the middle of nowhere... I've been searching online for a Canadian distributor of Pertronix but am having a hard time finding one. Who would be a good US vendor to buy from on here? I'll probably just do that. Then at least I know I'll be getting the right part.
Mark has them for sale @65swb45

Thanks for the props Johnny. I do indeed sell a lot of Pertronix. But it has been almost 20 years since I dealt with shipping out of country. I do not have any tech-savvy underlings to handle the additional paperwork, and both my wife and I are way past subsidizing our time for these kind of endeavors. Like I said in Marshall's thread a couple of years ago, there will always be younger, hungrier bucks out there that will do it.
Thought I'd mention this. There are two Pertronix modules available for your vehicle.

Ignitor - The original. Black.
Ignitor II - The later version. Red. The red Ignitor II has overload protection to protect it if the ignition gets left on & not running for a long period. And that would be if the rotor happened to land in the trigger position when engine stopped.

I wouldn't recommend the Igintor II. I upgraded to it but had multiple failures with it.
I ran the original black Ignitor for 15 or more years without issue. I also used the black one to diagnose the failures of the red Ignitor II. 3 of them in total.

I’d be running the black one now, but I’ve since gone with a DUI distributor.

DUI is an option for you also. $434 for a brand-new distributor with the coil and electronics self-contained along with a new set “Live Wires” ignition wires.

“Performance Distributors”
We (Cruiser Outfitters) stock the full Pertronix lineup and can ship it up to Newfoundland for ~$25USD. Give us a shout at the shop (801-563-1277) or drop is a line


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