My wife: A brand new 4Runner Limited or a 3 year old 200?

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Aug 18, 2016
Amarillo Texas
So we are completing our lease on a 2015 Range Rover Sport. I loved and hated that thing, but I don't like the taste of paying $1100 a month and having "no car" after 39 months. It has had a few issues. The fact that we are 250 miles from a Land Rover dealership makes it an even more dicey proposition.

So, it's probably back to Toyota. She doesn't like the GX front end and thinks it's overstyled. Same for the LX. We tested a 2016 Cruiser today that was pretty nice, with 51K miles, for about $58K ask. She was so-so on it. I would love to, after this Cruiser, to just trade her into a new Cruiser every 36 months.

She really liked a loaded out new 4Runner and we can get that for $44-45 out the door. It's more sporty. We could trade it in every couple of years for a brand new one for about $10K every time.

My dilemma is that she's used to all of the panache of a high end European car, but she knows full well they aren't made well.

What would you guys do? BTW, I have a 2010 Amazon Green 200 with 120K on it and still love it. I wasn't super thrilled that I had to put a new radiator in it last month, but i guess that's to be expected.

Any thoughts?
Get the 4-runner for your wife, sir. She needs to park that thing shop be sporty. You got the Amazon big wheel. Don't forget that. 😉 Do what makes her happen. And keep you Amazon big wheel.
She did say "you see so many 4Runners". I said "yep, they are selling about 120K a year here in the U.S. Cruisers are 2-3 percent of that."

What about depreciation of a 2016 Cruiser versus a new 4Runner? Both of which will have a new generation coming in the next 1-2-3 years.
Oh it's gold and bronze. Silver is Tundra or any other full size truck. I feel like 4-runner and Tacoma are second in terms of value, quality, and alot of inventory. But they where also both desired vehicles for me before I fell for the LC. And 2016 LC is pretty. My 2008 with 118,000 was only 8 grand less than a brand new base 4 runner. What do you think a base 4 runner with 120,000 and over 10 years old would price out as?
Vehicle vs vehicle there is simply no comparison.

The LC wins on every front except if large is considered bad.
Quality, safety, power, durability, and train...

Beyond that...only YOU know your wife.
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We bought my son a 2016 4Runner for college and I have been amazed at the fit and finish on it. It has been impressive. It has 72K miles on it - we bought it with high miles - and it quite literally looks like it just came off the showroom. It is black and I am not seeing all of the swirls and scratches that I suspected that I would. Have the finishes improved over the last 10 years?

Mark am I dreaming this or do I have your Green LC now? Did you have one and sell it to someone in MS? Seems like I recall your name, forgive me if I'm all screwed up.
Mark am I dreaming this or do I have your Green LC now? Did you have one and sell it to someone in MS? Seems like I recall your name, forgive me if I'm all screwed up.
Did you buy Amy's fat ass? I don't think that was entirely the name but she was for sale in MS.
I bought this one from a fellow member. But it seems like he bought it from yet another member in San Diego.

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Ah yeah pretty but that'
@Joaquin jimenez bought it

Haven't seen any pics of it since then, though.
Fat Amy! That ride is pretty. Congrats!

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