My dog climbing a ladder.

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Big Ed

Mar 29, 2011
Fresno, CA
My Pit Bull followed me onto the roof yesterday,then went back up there later when no one was in the back yard. Even came back down by herself that time. The other two times I carried her down. I leave the ladder down now,unless I need it.
poptart on roof 001.jpg
poptart on roof 004.jpg
poptart on roof 005.jpg
Your bitch's teats are showing.
Not Steves tarp.

Your right,her teats are showing.

The camera always says 2010,I havn't tried to figure it out.

Ya,could be intimidating to see a Pit Bull on the roof.

No small child,but there are cats up there often and she DONT like cats.
My dog will follow me up a slide at a playground we go through on our walks, but getting down from there is easy. Dogs are funny creatures, lol.
How dose OL'Pop Tart get down? :lol:

I guess we should video that too. She doesn't want to come down,she's scared. I will go down the ladder and call her and she just looks like "no way". Then I go back up and coax her over and pull her front legs onto the first rung,then the next and the next. She brings her hind legs down on her own as I do that. If I leave the ladder up,she will go up on her own and even came down on her own once,but we didn't see it. Funny dog.

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