Memorial Weekend at the Asher Farm

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May 28, 2007
Lance, Debie and Alex are looking forward to all our cruisin friends visiting for the weekend for some wheelin fun, food, relaxation and camping in the barn yard! I would like to get a count of who is coming and what meals you will be here for. Pot luck has worked well in the past. We can cook all the meat here on the smoker and grill. Our Molle brothers who have BBQed for us in the past will not be able to attend, they will be competing at a contest at the Woodlands. I can get the meat and buns at Sams.
Those who have not been here before can google map us at 20700 Edgerton Jct. Rd. Camden Point, Mo. 64018- 2nd house on left. 816-790-3752.
Come for the weekend or just for the day.
I have the mega coffee pot and coffee!
first dibs on bus parking :hillbilly:
alright it is on!...missed last year but we will make it this year!...myself, jake, robbie, josh and christian...tell us what to bring deb...looking forward to seeing the ashers....

I don't think the Trail Team will be here this year, something like they think our event is too small?
We have mud if you want mud! We are so happy you all are coming!
My daughter Emma and I will be able to attend. We will trailer the 40 down and will bring a tent. I anticipate leaving NE midday Friday arriving "On the Farm" about 7ish. We are looking forward to it as we have missed the last two.
Sorry I won't be there. I miss the cruiser crowd! My son and I will be completing the Katy Trail to St. Louis that weekend. Plus, I need to say I sold Little Red last August to guy in Arkansas, so now I am without a ride until such time the wife finds work and finances improve. Hope you all have a wonderful time. The Asher's are always so gracious to have this motley crew invade!
I am planning on being there! Probably arrive Sat morning. Probably just me, but my son may come as well, depending on his schedule.

And Charlie, don't think because you sold your Cruiser that you can't attend TAC events. There's always a rig with an open seat
Thats right Charlie you are part of the family and we expect you at family dinners!
I am so excited all of you are coming! Emma, do you remember Luther? I saw him last summer and he said hi!
Thanks Bob and all. I will certainly be lurking and keeping tabs on events.
The :princess: and I will probably be making it out there. Kind of far in advance, you know how last minute things tend to arise. We look forward to the festivities and general fun that everyone has spoken about in the past. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help, or anything we need to provide.

Jeremy & Jenn :cheers:
Ethan and I will be up to camp. He is ready to go. Renee and Abby will be up for a day visit...

I just told Ethan tonight. Abby might be trying camping overnight for the first time. She overheard us and now she "stated" she is going. At least we will be close to home or Grandma...
I'm gonna try and make it this year, hopefully drag Luke out with me as well.

I don't foresee any problems this time 'round.
I'll be there, though my family has other obligations this year. Please let me know what I can do to help.

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