May 2nd Monthly Meeting

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It's been a while since we've seen Alan and Mary....maybe somethin around that area and see if they are gonna be around to join us.
How about push it back a week and do a "muddy mothers day" maybe at the new park in Pickens or one of the other 4wd parks?
How about push it back a week and do a "muddy mothers day" maybe at the new park in Pickens or one of the other 4wd parks?

The club ole' timers really like to keep the monthly meetings on the first Saturday - kind of a staple of the club - BUT - we can definitely do a Pickens ORV run the next Sat!
YEs we ole timers do like it the first Sat of every month. Easier to remember and schedule. Plus I tried moving it around and it just got to darn complicated having to call people who don't visit the forum to remind them it had changed. Plus you can call the Cuban, you can e-mail the Cuban, you can leave notes on his vehicles, voicemail, and mailbox. But he still will show up on the first Sat of the month no matter what.

I'd love for us to have something up toward Alan and David. It's been a long while since we have been up there.
Huntin' Camp BBQ is on 25 north of El Rancho Grande. They have a buffet and will probably have some pickin' and grinnin'. I've been there twice now...Good Pig...

Let them know you're coming though. That place fills up fast!
Oh, and they have a nice big gravel parking lot to line up the cruisers.
Lets do May 2 (this Sat) at Huntin' Camp BBQ on Hwy 25 north of Traveler's Rest.

Guys, I'm stupid busy. Can someone please call and confirm with the BBQ place that we can come with about 12-16 people?
PM'd ya. I'll give them a call.
What time?

2221 US Hwy 25 N
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
(864) 834-2102

Y'all have a good time. Sorry I won't be able to make this one. I'm back at Camp Old Indian for Wood Badge. If I can sneak out, I'll come down the mountain for a little while but that's highly unlikely.
Good for you going to Woodbadge... I went in '98 and have been on staff of 3 of the 21st century (new) course. It's a lot of fun. (You won't be able to sneak out. There's too much going on.)
I'm on staff as a Troop Guide. This is the second weekend so there's not quite as much going on for us and camp is only about 20 minutes from the bbq joint. I doubt it will happen, but we'll see. first weekend was a different story...barely had time to sleep. Training was done at around 10pm then we had staff meeting until done. Friday night was about 1:30. Saturday was later...T.I.R.E.D...
I thought you might be on staff after I posted. Lots of late nights and early mornings. I was asst. Quartermaster twice and Quartermaster the third time. I loved it, but it was a lot of work.

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