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Mar 13, 2015

I'm working on a 1970 with the original F engine. My gear is back from the machine shop. I have the engine torn down and I'm working to install the crank, photos below. After reading several threads it seems a minor amount of RTV is used on the rear cap to prevent oil leakage (threads were 2F engines without shims). Some users put RTV on both the 1st and 4th main cap.

Threads referenced:
1. 2F "Boat Anchor" build thread
2. How NOT to restore the FJ40

My question is when you have caps that are shimmed, would RTV (Black/Gray) be recommended? I don't recall any silicone based material present when I disassembled the engine. It seems like RTV would create a bit of a mess and potentially make the shims difficult to clean up and use again on the next disassembly.

Also, on the rear main seal, some FSM's recommend RTV on the outside of the seal (surface touching the main cap and block). Any guidance on RTV here as well? In the thread below, Poser discusses the removal/install but I didn't see a reference to RTV being applied prior to installation.

Rear Main Removal:
Rear main seal removal





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