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  1. D

    1hz rear main seal housing looks incorrect/offset.

    Hi all, I'm doing a rear main seal on my 1hz, but seal housing looks incorrect, (see pics, can see gap at top) motor is second hand and has leaked from word go. Was wondering if 1hdt and 1hz have differences in crank or bearings causing 1hz crank to sit lower. If so i will order correct housing...
  2. L

    Rear main leak or something else

    Was under my 06 LX470 the other day and noticed that there some oil that appeared to be seeping out right were the engine and bell housing meet on the bottom. Nothing dripping and I have not ever noticed a puddle of oil on the ground where I park, but I checked the oil level and sure enough it...
  3. Doombuggy

    Rear Main Seal?

    I think I have a rear main seal that is leaking pretty good any one had this issue before? I looks to be leaking there the block meets the transmission. Just looking for what i can expect from anyone who has messed with this before.
  4. TroutFJ

    FJ60 rear main seal

    Ok so after completely destroying my rear main seal trying to get it in are there any tricks to this!? I used a pipe the same diameter as the seal and it just wasn't going in!! The outer diameter of the seal just seems about 2 mil too big. Here are some pics. Any help would be greatly...
  5. divemedic

    wheeping rear main

    so I'm changing all my fluids and noticed my engine oil is wheeping at the engine/trans seal. It looks like I may have caught it on a stick as it's bent. I didn't cheap my oil level prior to draining. I haven't noticed any spots or pressure changes. Anyways should the gasket be bent like...
  6. MudDauber

    Main Bearing Cap w/ Shims and RTV

    Gents, I'm working on a 1970 with the original F engine. My gear is back from the machine shop. I have the engine torn down and I'm working to install the crank, photos below. After reading several threads it seems a minor amount of RTV is used on the rear cap to prevent oil leakage (threads...
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