starter issues

  1. Tim Collier

    Non-Starting HDJ80

    Hello, I’m having some sort of electrical issue with my 1991 HDJ80. I have two fully charged batteries, and a recently installed hella starter (I’m in Germany) as of last June. Truck didn’t start for my wife last weekend, but after a push Start-it’s manual transmission- it started regularly for...
  2. cruiserguyjr

    Cruiser_guys BJ60 revival and trip home

    Some of you may or may not remember my old man Cruiser_Guy, he passed away back in 2014, long story short I’ve inherited the old 3B 60 series that he poured so much time into. I’m trying to get it started but all that happens is a “click” when I turn the key to the ‘start’ position, And the dash...
  3. C

    Extra Starter Wire?

    Just bought a new starter for my 73 FJ40. Only thing is, there is a little black wire w/ a connector, coming off the blockside of the solenoid. My gut is saying this is a solenoid ground wire? Wondering if I should let it dangle or clip it or ground it....? Thanks ahead of time
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