Looking to purchase a 200 series lx or LC 2015-2018, need pricing advice

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Aug 9, 2018
North Dakota
Hello, we are starting to look for a larger vehicle, going to trade in the Volvo s60 R for a LC or LX, kids are starting to out number us. I am currently looking at 2015 LX570, or 2016-2018 LC or LX. We would like less than 30k miles. I am not very familiar with the listed prices vs what people are actually paying and looking for any advice on the topic that people can offer.

I have one example here, what are thoughts on this:
Pre-Owned 2017 Lexus LX LX 570 4WD
Here’s a thread with bunches of info. You can find more with some searches.

Just went through this. As of a couple of weeks ago, Lexus wouldn't sell used without seat recall fix done. Local 29k mile 2015 here in Virginia I was interested in. Wouldn't even sell without CPO warranty. Said fix may be available in May. That's Lexus dealers, can obviously buy elsewhere.

If you're looking at 2018, consider a 2019 new. There are great deals to be had, invoice pricing is around 78.5k. I was very much back and forth before I found my new to me 2018. That one was perfect, so I did buy due to the $13k difference, but as you creep up in price the new gets more appealing.

These tend to sell quickly when priced right, and KBB/NADA are not particularly accurate, under estimating true value of a clean, rust free southern vehicle. Having grown up in the North, I will no longer even consider a vehicle that has seen salt, even if I intend to use it in salt going forward. The difference in price is minimal compared to the possible headaches and just general wear and tear on those. Maybe not at a 1-2 year old point, since you're in North Dakota and it will see salt soon, but more than 3 (Lexus 2015) and I'd fly and drive a southerner.
This was interesting info, I would definitely travel south for the right deal. I was a bit surprised the invoice is around 78 on the LC, I dont think I could get my local dealership to move that far. I do like that 17 lx i have linked in my original post but it still feels a tad high with no CPO warranty, I have not engaged in any price talks yet though. I was hoping to find some similar purchases to gather some ammo for negotiation.
If you are thinking new, talk to Eric Sarjeant at Ed Martin Toyota in Indiana. He's a member on here, has a built LC in the classifieds for sale. I was dealing with him before I went with the 2018 instead. Straight shooter, excellent guy. Here's a link to an ad for current inventory. I know he has several more inbound as one was tentatively for me. New 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale | Noblesville IN | JTMCY7AJ1K4076148. Advertised price at invoice. I've purchased from the dealer before. Easy fly and drive. No kick back I swear, just a good experience and good people there.

Even if you go used, having this new price as ammo would help significantly I think. Just be prepared to jump on a good used deal on a clean vehicle, they don't last long.

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