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Hi! IF you're willing to share, I thought it might be helpful for the rest of us to better understand what the market prices are for the 200 series (and LX 570 I suppose). I'm personally looking for one, have found a few, and curious what others' purchase prices have been so I can negotiate (or not) properly.

Please share purchase price, year, mileage at purchase, and location (east/west/south, etc...)

Thanks and happy hunting for those also looking.
Bought a 2011 LC about a week ago with 35k on the clock, Texas truck its whole life, one owner, for $43,500. It actually sold new in July 2012 in San Antonio, so it's only about 3.5 years old, depending on how you look at it. A bit more than I wanted to pay, but it's super clean. White with tan interior. Bone stock. Brand new tires. Since I plan to hold onto it for at least 10 years, an extra couple thousand on the price didn't matter to me - condition, mileage, ownership history, and where it spent its life mattered a ton.

Good luck with the purchase. This is my 4th LC, and it's easily the best.
Actually sounds like a great price. Talking to a west coast dealer about a 2013 (2-owner, but all records, 60k miles) - he will not budget off of $49k. Over my limit and not a screaming deal, hoping I can be more patient.

I'd be all over a 2011 w/ super low miles like that. Thanks for the price point, fits my budget more (if I go 200 series instead of 100).
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Had I found your 2013 here in Texas at that price, I'd have considered it very seriously. Especially given that's when the model got a refresh. I really wanted a 2013+, but I just couldn't find any around here at a price I could swallow.

And having had two 100's and now this 200, my family is still more fond of the 100 than the 200. I'm not in that camp, but four of the five people in my house are! So, either way, I think it'd be hard to go wrong.
Not what I wanted to hear, now I may just go blow my budget!! Haha... personally I would prefer an 06/07, easier to work with, more options/parts, etc... but a few years from now I may have wished I started w/ a 200 series. My family (wife, two young kids) would prob prefer the 200 (newer). Somehow I can't convince them that going back to an 06/07 would be an "upgrade". :)
There are a few LX570s that have had bumpers added, and they look great. Sliders are tough though. My understanding is that the older LX570s have at least as many safety features as some of the newer LCs like mine, so that's a plus. I shied away from the LXs because I wanted more stealth luxury than the LX provides. I work in a pretty rough part of town and really didn't want to be driving a flashy Lexus. But, they are super, super nice.
We just got our 2010 LX 570, with 73,000 miles on it. New brakes and new tires, $39,000. I have owned many types of land cruisers, and of all the ones I would want to take on a road trip this is by far the best. Both Slee and Mike at bump it Offroad have LX 570's that they are working with now to come up with modifications. With so many more LX's sold in us, they will come around on mods.
Well... I sprung. 2013 LC w/ 76k miles. 1-owner, southern cali car (leased, serviced, and now sold (to me) all from same dealership) very clean, drives aaaaaaamazing (1.5 hr highway ride back from dealership). $46,500. Now where to begin...

I really considered this one, but couldn't get them under $49k (which is not a bad deal in itself): Los Angeles, CA | 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser w/ Navigation | Serving Beverly Hills, CA & Santa Monica, CA | 462070 | JTMHY7AJ9D4008995

This one?
Used Cars for Sale: Search 3 Million Listings & 554,363 Deals | Very nice.
Well done, Mogwai! That's a good price in my opinion. And a FANTASTIC machine you've bought! Congrats!!!
Got a silver '13 in Houston for 55k, 32k miles lease turn in. A nice LC at a good price is not an easy find here. I laid in the weeds looking for the "one" for about 4 months. When it came up i jumped on it, after i made the deal but prior to committing, another buyer offered $1K more but I had first refusal. :flipoff2::clap::flipoff2:
Very nice, congrats. Yeah I didn't look for quite as long as you did but I definitely looked for a solid month, even lost out on one trying to play hardball.

Put some KO2s on mine a few days after getting it, took it out for a short trip today up Otay Mountain Trail, nothing fancy or technical just good to get her out for the first time! And then getting on the highway and cruising smoothly at 80 back home is just priceless.
Playing hardball cost me one too but I am glad i didn't get that one. It was an '11, nice but i like the '13 a LOT better.
I meant to post, I have about 10 Carfax reports remaining on my account that are good through mid-April and will go unused. (BTW if you buy the "unlimited" Carfax which actually only comes with 5 VIN runs, you can email them and they'll give you more (gave me 25 more)). Anyway, PM with VIN and an email address and I can fire back the Carfax.

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