Local 80 for sale

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Ya but those 35" BFGs have gotta be worth something...
Oh, and I bet his A/C doesn't need recharging :p That's gotta be worth at least 10 grand.
Oh my.

-A "several inch lift" is not a brand name i'm familar with.
-The claim of "never run without diesel additive" sounds like claim a televangelist would make.
-Tinted windows"!!?.. yeah purple rocks!
-No axle locks??
-If it weren't for all the way cool lights I'd think 8K but $23000....Gulp.

Japanese "Mall Crawler".

If anyone buys this they are F*CK*D.

If anyone has bought this.... Im sorry..... BUT you are still F*CK*D.

My .02

Rant Rant.....:cheers:
The truck itself seems quite cared for, has low KM and maintenance done on it. The dark red colour is really sweet. I've seen it in parking lots around Langford and it looks quite nice. I wouldn't say they'd be fxxxed if they purchased it for a reasonable price. Say, $13,000 less?

By the way, I looked at purchasing this truck more than a year ago before I bought mine. Was very interested until I saw the price. Then I went out and bought mine (with factory lockers, factory winch, cruise control, larger disc brakes, larger rims, ABS, 3rd brake light, list goes on...) for literally half the price, shipping/duty/taxes/paperwork included.

Oh and yeah, the purple tint has to go... mine had that too when I bought it! Yechhh!
Aother one bites the dust...

Yep.... thats Morgan's!

Sad to see it go. Morgan: You've always got a seat in my truck man.

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