Just bought a '93 3.0Ltr Hilux Surf SSR-G - Advice welcomed!

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Mar 5, 2009
North of W6M
Hey all:
BlDmnd.jpg I just closed the deal on my shiny Hilux Surf today. Would love any fellow surf owner's advice on what to know and watch out for with my truck. I had the truck BCAA inspected and they said it's an immaculate truck for it's age, only 100,000kms and small little things to tune up. I haven't even driven the truck yet as I love about 2000kms away from where it presently is, would be interested to hear about what I should expect
I live in Northern BC, Canada and am really hoping this truck will handle our -45 weather, gravel roads and massive snow drifts to get through.
I drove VW Jetta's before, this new truck will be my first ever 4x4. It's gonna be great not having to dig my vehicle out of the snow at 7am in -40.
Cheers & Thanks
Post more pics!

I can tell you that I've started the engine from an LN-130 Surf (you've got a better engine) at -40 and less, without plugging in my block heater. I've only got a single battery too. No problems so far.

If you haven't: get the block heater in now, because A) you need one, and B) you should replace all the fluids in the truck, and especially the coolant with Toyota Long Life (red)--perfect time to put in a block heater.

You guys are lucky that you can buy those trucks. We've got another 10 years to buy the same truck down here.

The other option for cold weather starting is the preferred style found in diesel highway tractors with the inline coolant type. We see similar weather -45 where I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a good frined who bought a Turbo Diesel 1992 VX Limited TLC did this for his cold starting needs and it works great.:)

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