Jump seats

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Jun 5, 2005
Boulder, CO
Here's the deal...I have a set of 2man jump seats out of a '69 FJ40. The catch is I have a '74 FJ40 (i.e. with a rollbar)

What I would really like to do is trade them for a set that will bolt into my '74. This is because I am kind a resto freak and would prefer not to modify the jumpseats and my cruiser to get them to fit.

So if anyone out there has a set that will bolt into mine and wants to trade PM me and I can send you pics. I'm in the LA area if that helps anyone.

If this needs to be moved to the Parts For Sale section, so be it.
I'd post it in wanted or for sale forum, might have better luck
Let me see you have the short seats and want the long ones? You have pics,email em to me and I 'll do the same .I'm north of you by fresno.

For clarification:

I have the long ones
I want the short ones
i got the stuff;) i bought these seats of ebay for 200 bucks. the seller told me they would fit in my 72 and i just got into the cruiser world so i didnt know any better. i was pissed off when i went to go bolt them on to say the least.:doh: im also in the LA area my shop is in hawthorne thats wear the seats are. let me know if your intrested. ill post some pics in the sell section if you want. however i have bought the right ones since then so im not trading them sorry.
I've got a set of the short ones, good upholstery and stuff, put in a bench, so I don't need them, but i'm in yukon territory, canada, so you'll likely find a better deal elsewhere, if not PM me.

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