Joshua Pinkham Canyon Road

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Sep 13, 2006
Tierra y Libertad
Since I now live in Indio's Coachella Valley....I am closest to Joshua Tree's Berdoo Canyon and other trails south of here....Today I went for a late morning trail run to Joshua Tree's Pinkham Canyon Road. Easy trail ride, but very nice landscapes and enjoyed a great sunny day with light winds to keep cool. Here is the link to pics poser shots included.... Road Trips/Joshua Tree Pinkham Canyon Rd/ Round Trip to and from home took about 4 hours. The Canyon rd. may be around 30 miles or so...didn't really keep track of miles once I entered the trail....from Dillon's Road I-10 entrance to the JT South Park entrance was around 27 miles..but you can enter the canyon earlier than that at the temporarily closed rest stop in Cactus City.... I gotta hook up with the Socal 80s crew and join up on some trail runs in the near future. I could use learning about off roading with an experienced crew. Currently waiting on my sliders....but I need a few more things to group runs I think: CB Radio, and some recovery gear.
Right on man. That actually looks cool. I've been out that way through a canyon called Rockhouse canyon.. is that still open? Nobody has ever heard of it... but its out the same way and i've only been there once years and years ago.

I'd like to run that trail sometime just to get out and relax and see new areas of the desert i haven't seen. How long is the actual trail?
SocalFJ The actual trail is about 30 miles give or take a couple....I lost track of the mileage when my gas gage gage got thinking if was going to make it back to a gas station. I left my house with less than half a tank and consumed more gas than expected (rookie move) The rockhouse Canyon shots look sweet. I gotta look for that trail.
good stuff.
Looks like a fun little area to explore. Thanks for sharing.
if you are looking to remove the desert pinstrips.....them 3M makes a buffing compound the number is 06060.. works great and if you use it by hand and not with a buffer if doesn't leave swirls... the other thing you may want to do it get some 600 wet dry and some clearcoat from the same autobody supply you get the 06060, so when you have done this several times and the clear gets thin you can respray it... ohh the joys of a black crusier.....

or just do like some of the rest of us wash it less the scratches don't show as much......

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