Instrument Cluster advice.

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Sep 12, 2005
The background: I'm working on a 1970 FJ40, and re doing all the wiring, and have made it to the dash/cluster.

As I'm rewiring my cluster (and whole cruiser for that matter) I have discovered that my charging indicator, and oil pressure gage is not functioning, (I am going to add an additional oil pressure gage later), but am wondering if anyone has ever taken a later cluster and have had success?

I'm thinking for the alternator/charging indicator I could just put it through a light to tell me it's charging, or leave it for that matter, and because of the after market oil pressure gage, I guess I don't really need to do anything there either?

Still, I’m thinking it might be nice to have the cluster working?

What do you think?
from my understaning you can use a later cluster but instead of using the plug you just use the gauge stud bolts.

And I like having the stock look and it working. I plan on using a tee fitting at my oil sender location and mount both the mechanical and electrical stock sender in .

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