I hope its not seized...

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May 9, 2003
Breckenridge, CO
'71 FJ40, no engine mods, swapped a 4spd tranny in a while ago. Nothing else to serious or out of the ordinary.

Here's the story:

I live in Breckenridge at 9600 feet. I was driving around town in a snowstorm and everything was operating normally. Then my cruiser starting losing power, I basically floored it to go up a mellow hill and even though it should have been going faster, it wasn't. I got up the hill and was rolling down. I turned it off and then popped the clutch to start it again and it seemed fine. Then it started losing power again on a level section of the road. I gave it a little more gas and it wasn't doing anything for it... So I figured I should just pull over. It didn't start up. Luckily my buddy was driving right there and we towed it back to my house. It really sucked to do it in the snow. Anyway so it didn't start and it sat for a while because it was really really cold. My battery wasn't the best so it was a good time to buy an Optima. I also replaced the starter and some of the battery cables. I have a pretty good battery charger so I know the battery is strong.

So now when I try to start it , the starter makes a 'clunk' sound. Like its trying to spin the engine, but can't :doh: I winched it around a little bit. The engine fan didn't move when it was in gear. I really want to say the little bit of snow on the ground let the tires slide. I'm pretty sure the engine just doesn't want to turn over.

There is the proper amount of oil in the engine, I took out the spark plugs and tried to start it.

Not sure what else to do. What else can I try and any idea's on why the engine seized if thats what happened? And can anybody recommened a good shop to go to around here? (Breckenridge, CO)

Thanks for any help in advance
Have you read through this thread?

There was another one cookin' about the same time of another stuck engine...

Drain the oil and drop the pan man....that is where you are now if you are dragging the truck around and it will not turn the engine over....

Good luck!

I don't know about Breckenridge, but I trust Roy Duncan In Gunnison. I used to work for him and he is probably the best 4 wheel Mechanics in Colorado. I s*** you not. He may be able to help or refer you to someone there.
Tell him that Kurt Meyer referred you.
Duncan 4X4
811 N Main

(970) 641-4444
Sounds like it is siezed. I am going to be in Brekenridge next week for a little ski action. Got snow?
But whay would it sieze? Burnt bearings?
player said:
But whay would it sieze? Burnt bearings?

No or very little oil pressure will do it EVERY TIME....without fail.

I agree, a seizure is the most likely problem here.

What seized is a bearing. One (or more) of the bearings got hot from lack of lubrication (insufficient pressure, even if there was plenty of oil in the pan) and melted/smeared itself to the journal.

Well I read the other thread and that pretty much sounds like whats going on with me. It going to be tough to do myself, since I don't have a garage to work in right now. I'll have to figure out what caused the bearings to lose lubrication if that is what happened. At least I have something else to look at now and hopefully I can get the engine turning again.:cheers:
Mine did pretty much the same thing- lost power and stalled out on a trail. Made the 'clunk' (I dread that sound!) and wouldn't turn over. I had plenty of oil in it, but aperantly low or no oil pressure. It was hard to accept that she'd given up the ghost, but sure enough it had seized. The only good aspect of it is that it gives you the perfect reason to upgrade the engine.
mathblaster said:
I'll have to figure out what caused the bearings to lose lubrication if that is what happened.

Usually excessive clearances in the bearings that allow the oil to pass through too easily and too quickly. It doesn't maintain the film between the metal surfaces that is supposed to cushion and cool the bearings.

Time for a 2F! Always see them on the classifeids section, guys get rid of decent running engines when they go to V8s, usually for not much money. Only simple changes to make to put it in like moving wires to account for alternator position and stuff along thos lines. Then you can scrap the smog pump and start on power steering.
So, the oil pressure wasn't sufficient to push oil through the bearings, and so a ball melted, crashed into the dakine, and the whole engine goes ker-put? Could you salvage such and engine? I wonder what happens to 3rd world trucks when this happens...
These aren't ball bearings, Player. Rather clamshell shims of metal. They overheat and melt and smear onto the crankshaft surface, then solidify as the crank slows down.

Sometimes they can be removed and polished off with emery cloth, and new bearings slid into place.
I had a similar problem due to my not properly seating the dizzy.

Two of the rod bearings were seized. It wasn't to hard to replace the rod bearings from underneath. Also replaced a main bearing that looked a little worn.
Pin_Head said:
Sounds like it is siezed. I am going to be in Brekenridge next week for a little ski action. Got snow?

So far it's the 2nds snowiest season for summit. Once march hit's i'm sure it'll be the deepest on record.

Try Rick Polluck # is 970-468-8838, but he may be busy, but still give him a call and tell him Adam sent you. I don't think he's a cruier expert per say but he knows how to work on vintage iron as well as the new stuff and he's honest from what I know. MY good buddy Adam that I ski and hang out with uses him when he doesn't have time himself.
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