How Does This Bad Boy Come Off???!!

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Nov 11, 2004
trying to remove original steering wheel...1968 fj 40...any advice will be immediately put to use...
I believe the two threaded holes directly across from each other are used for jacking bolts; just thread two bolts into the holes and it should work the wheel off the shaft. I could be wrong though, I've never removed a Toyota steering wheel.
akwheeler is spot on...

Rent a steering wheel puller, and get two 8mmx1.25x100-150mm long, thread them into those holes and go to town. Should pop right off.

Good luck!

Yep. You need a steering wheel puller.

edit: Beat me to it, Steve
nuclearlemon said:

No way I would, not on that looks dirty, but not cracked...

to each their own tho... ;)
oh nooo bfh..the wheel is dirty...but it has no cracks and the center cap is in good logo and all...i would like to get rid of it if anyone is interested...let me know...thanks for the help...are steering wheel pullers standard and metric or will one size fit all?

any puller I've used in the past had both metric/standard pitch bolts to choose from. You will be amazed how easily it pulls off with the right tools.
thanks all..guess this part of the project will wait til tomorrow evening...any interest in the the ride and its yours....
I pulled mine off without a puller. I gave the shaft a couple hits with a hammer, while i pulled on the steering wheel, and it poped off.
osagecruiser said:
thanks all..guess this part of the project will wait til tomorrow evening...any interest in the the ride and its yours....

PM sent.
Make your own puller. It's easy. Measure the distance between two holes. Transfer that distance onto a piece of angle iron or square tubing or thick pice of steel stock. Drill two holes that will be big enough for the bolts in the steering wheel. I made mine slightly bigger. Put the nut back on just to where it's flush with the steering shaft. SHould give you about 1/8 inch between nut and steering wheel. Cut your steel stock or angle iron to fit just inside the colum without hitting the outer edge. Thread some metric bolts in and start tighting down equally on both sides. A little pb blaster helps. It should come up the 1/8th inch. Once it does it shold come off easily once you remove the puller and the nut. I know it sounds like a lot. But it took me 2 minutes to fab up.
sorry guys, it is shipping to me tomorrow.

need it for one of my rigs.

If you grab the rim with both hands while sitting in the sit then stand up as best you can and swing your weight back and forth with straight arms and only the pull of your own weight they'll usually pop off within a couple of swings.

Never had it fail to work but some wheels take longer than others,

i have the box ready....courtesy of summit racing....i am going to try and pull it at lunch...i will let you know when it ships

Marc, I have tapped mine with a rubber mallet close to the hub ('round-the-clock-style), not out on the spokes and it loosens it every time.
Poser does not need that thing, just bring it to the TAC meeting and tell him you lost it;) ;)


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