Homebrew fridge/stove slide combo

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Aug 1, 2011
Elkton, FL
I wanted the fridge/stove slide combo from AT but didn't want to pay $700 for it...

so I spent $60 and built my own.

I used 100lb slides and 3/4 sanded ply. i set it up so the fridge slide at full extension rests on the tail gate to allow me to exceed the 100lb slide limit.

I cant lie, the fact that every thing fit absolutely perfect was a complete coincidence. there is about 1/8" between the 3rd seats and the angle of the tailgate worked perfect.

the base is 18 x 28 so i when i can afford a legit fridge (probably a cheap edgestar) it should fit perfectly.

I threw a quick coat of rubberized undercoat on it, and will finish it later.

it installs and comes out in about 20 seconds if need be, mounted to the 3rd row seat mounts.

heading to the beach this weekend with burgers, dogs, and beer for a shake down run.

sure its not as refined as AT's product, but since i can afford to build 11 more for the price, i think this will do for now.
Looks great! Love your sticker placement too.
Very slick idea!:idea:

I like it! You might be able to get some builds from some of the Mudders and make back you 60 clams...;)
Wow that looks good!
Very nice indeed! Way to save!


Sent from deep in the mountains of Honduras using only sticks and rocks.
Thats sweet, show how you mount it to the floor!
That is a great set up. Do you have any plans or drawings you can post?
It mounts to the 3rd row brackets with super industrial strength zip ties. I wanted something very strong but quick to install and remove if I need to haul an 8th person.

The ties are rated for like 250lbs, we use them as handcuffs actually so I've got plenty of them and I know they're strong.

I thought about using u-bolts but getting them installed and removed seemed like a chore and the clearance for the stove slide would be an issue. The cable ties are long for install purposes and lie flat for clearance.
Very nice. I don't have a need for something like this yet, but this would be how I would want to do it since I would only use it occasionally.
Have you drilled holes through the bottom of the drawer casing?

What does the zip tie attach too on the drawer box?
Yes there are two holes in the bottom over each 3rd row mount that the zip tie passes through. I'll take some photos tonight
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for us guys with tailgates (and wives worth keeping) there is just no reason to put 500lb slides on it. My tailgate can probably support well over a thousand pounds and my grill weighs 5 lbs.


Maybe AT could come out with one for the guys with tailgates using cheaper lighter slides in the $300 range.

On another note, it passed the beach test!






More pictures also...
Looks great! How much for one shipped to AUS! Send the factory test technician as well!
Seriously a job well done. Can't wait till you used it a few more times and add this and that and modify etc.
Replace the rear carpet on the gate with some white poly (chopping board) easy clean and use.

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