High Beams Problem

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Oct 19, 2014
About a month ago I noticed that my high beams would not work when the headlight stalk was pushed forward, they function normally when the stalk is pulled back. Everything else functions normally. A quick search of Mud turned up a couple posts of the same complaint that were fixed by replacing the dimmer switch (basically the high beam control switch) I got a new dimmer switch from Beno and just installed it and theres no change from the previous switch. High beams come on with the stalk back (towards driver) but not with the stalk forwards. Time to get out the EWD and multimeter I guess.

Any suggestions?
I'm in the same boat as you so I'll be listening in.
Tested the switch, theres continuity between A9 and A12 (with stalk forward) so the switch is fine.
Well, it turns out the low beams have to be on to turn the high beams on by pushing the stalk forwards. You can "flash" the high beams with the low beams off but you cant lock them on with the low beams off.

Feeling really stupid right now....
Do you happen to still have that part number for the dimmer switch? I have the same problem with the hi beams that I have been meaning to fix for a while now...
Dimmer switch is 8414026100. Its a decent job to replace it, you'll need a gear puller to get the steering wheel off. Heres the FSM pages


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Switch isn't horribly expensive but can be sourced from certain year-model corollas in the junkyard if you want it cheaper.

How-to with pics: Fix your high beams! Corolla switch retrofit

Also as stated in that thread, a gear puller may not be necessary. I've since removed the wheel again after it was definitely torqued to spec, and was able to get it off without the puller. Just rocking it side-to-side firmly loosened it from the tapered splines.
I have just replaced the two relays that cause the headlights to fail suddenly. They are next to each other in the fuse box one black and one brown. Numbers in console if needed guys.



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