Help with my clutch!

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Jun 5, 2019
Tyler Texas
Hello user....currently finishing a 1972 Fj 40 (12/71 Build Date)....I ve gotten the engine running good recently and now I'm having a issue with what appears to be the clutch/throwout bearing....The truck was running and driving fine before it was taken apart by the previous owner and no I'm left diagnosing these issues.Whenever I press in the clutch pedal....I hear a loud scraping/whirring noise coming from the clutch/bellhousing area.I have the proper spring on the clutch fork but at idle in neutral it makes no noise.....only when I press the clutch pedal down
I found online of exactly what my issue sound like?Any ideas?Truck has the original motor and transmission as well.Thanks in advance

Yup. 1 day job.

Yup. 1 day job.

Agree as long as it's still a three speed. Four speed unless the torque tube been cut out is a much larger project.

Would like to know more about this cruiser. That steering wheel didn't start until the 73 model and that also changed the steering column and steering box. Do not see the ignition switch by the headlight switch.
This was a video I pulled off YouTube that was similar to my noise...this is the fj in question

The cowl is at least a 72 model. The back of the tub looks like it's 72 or older. Those point to being a 72. The steering wheel is 73-75. 72 had a ignition switch to the left of the steering wheel on the dash. Nothing anything bad just may have a mix of parts. If I tried counting parts on my 68 that came from other years would probably run out of fingers. Wonder if it had a factory PTO winch at one time. Everything black on the bars and fairhead are from a factory winch.

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