Help! Sudden Problem upon installing PTO winch

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Is that a Toyota transfer case? I don't recognize that spiral gear that looks like an oversize speedo drive. And what is wrong with the right bottom of the cover/PTO mounting surface? The photo?

I'd try SOR for that gear you need if that is a Toyota setup.
Stephen, you got bigger problems than finding a PTO drive gear! The transfer case appears to be busted, the output bearing appears to be missing, the speedo gear is in the wrong location. I'm not even sure it's possible to get the nut on the shaft where it appears to be!!
You need to get the transfer case working correctly first before worrying about the PTO gear.
Thats the gasket patially off. Case looks okay. BUt it looks like someone has been working on the tran output shaft while in the vehicle. You have a speedo gear as a spacer and I see a nut beside that, that shouldn't be there. There should be at least another 2 inches of shaft where a bearing would fit over. and a nut beyond that sticking out of the transfer case. That's why the cover for that area is coned.

What kind of transmission do you have?

See the the cone cover on the very right side? do you have one of these on your transfer case? Your brace looks like your just going to cover the hole up flat. Thay would work if your trany output shaft was the correct length.


That shaft should be this long.


If not your not going to be able to put a pto on. Futhermore your going to have load issues without that other bearing under load you could snap the output shaft or wear the gears out prematurely.
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Ask for a PTO gear here on the board. There a lot pto gears laying around garages having been replace by spacers.
I think I found his problem.

He posted this earlier.

"i have 69 fj40, w/ 1B diesel engine 5 speed transimission 3speed xcase, as to your 1st question, motor mounts not d same, fabricated new one. 2nd, i used the 5 speed transmission attached to the B motor. hope these ideas can help"

If you look closely in the pic you can see the thanfer case gear is welded to the first spacer. Thats how he made a 5 speed work with a 3spd case. Nice work though I don't know how well it will hold. BUt there is no way a PTO gear will work. BUt of course I would have said that for mounting a 5 speed case to a 3spd housing. Where there is a will there is a way.
Trollhole said:
BUt of course I would have said that for mounting a 5 speed case to a 3spd housing. Where there is a will there is a way.

This is not a problem since the 4 speed and the 5 speed have the same housing, the problem comes in the 19 spline on the 5 speed output and the 16 spline on the 4 speed when mated to a single peice case and the 10 spline on the 3 speed.

He can just tell me where he is and I'll come take the PTO off his hands so he doesn't need to worry about it!

Did you rip your traction bar off the crossmemeber there....
Poser said:

Did you rip your traction bar off the crossmemeber there....

PO did. Thats why I patched that area moved the location slightly more centered and add a 1/8 in strap over the top of the bar. For more support.

The way he had it is a good example why you need a shackle. He had a single link mounted to the crossmember and the axle. It ripped it right out. Fell down. wrapped the diff housing so bad that the driveshaft bound with the pinion u joint and snapped the nose off the differential. Which to this day I cannot believe. All this happened in maybe a second.

A new diff and no traction bar awaited me so I could fix it right when I bought the 40.
stephen said:
thanks for all your inputs here guys! Mr. Troll nice to know that we have the same set up, as to my knowledge, the 5 speed transmission is much longger compared to the 4, plus the 1 inch adapter plate, this is the reason why the main drive shaft no longger reach the cone end of transfercase. im planning to mount a PTO BOX made by ISUZU and its PTo drive gear, stay in touch for the result, keep you updated when done

Keep up the good work. We will al be interested in seeing how it goes. Keep posting pics!

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