Help - stuck front brake caliper

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Apr 12, 2019
Farmington NM
I'm changing the front brakes on my 1995 Landcruiser, did the passenger side no problem. Driver side i can't get the calipers to get pushed back in on the inside bottom left? On the outside, both go in nicely for the pads to get put in, on the inside the top recedes good but the bottom wont go in far enough to get the pad back in. Brake fluid cap is loose. Is there a trick? Am I missing something. Frustrated, had the passenger side done in 20 minutes.
How are you pushing the pistons back into the caliper housing?

If you weren't careful you could have gotten the flat o-ring caught and isn't in place but down in the void and you can't crush it. You need to remove the piston and see what is in side before you keep wasting your time trying to force it in. If the o-ring is down inside, you will have a bleeder like you wouldn't believe even if you do get the pad back in there and on the rotor.
I finally got the entire caliper off and using a c-clamp for the outside pistons and holding them in place with the old pads and then slightly opening the bleed valve and c-clamp the old brake onto the inside piston/s it went back in (even pressure helped). Good grief. :bang: No more squeak and they work great, Thanks for the input

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