HELP: Drivers Power Seat Stopped Working

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Oct 13, 2012
Hello mudders. Today I got in my 97 LX450 and my power seat stopped working. It will tilt forward and rearward but the whole seat will not move backwards. The wierd thing is that it will move forward. Any ideas or solutions?
The motor doesn't seem to be bad because it moves forward.
Is there a way to manually adjust it to get the whole seat to move rearward? Once its where I want it I will just leave it alone and never adjust it. The reason it got moved forward was because I allowed a woman to dive it...
Please help me out... I am low on $ so ghetto fixes are appreciated :D Thanks guys
Do not throw away any white round things your find on the carpet....
you guys are awesome. I have found the answers to my questions every time I post on mud!

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