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Feb 5, 2019
Bay Area California
Ok so not exactly sure how this happened but the damn push rod popped through the eye hole !! I put it back together and my god 2 stops signs later pop - again... here’s a pic

Thoughts on what I could do to get it home - I was thinking simply add a washer and then the adj bolt definitely can’t fit through that washer hole. Anyways - thoughts? How the heck is that eye hole bigger than the damn bolt - part is correct oem aisin

either the hole in the fork got bigger or the rounded nut got smaller or a combo of both.
try another nut/pushrod first and see

40+ years old things are bound to wear
i think you can replace the fork without too much hassle.....getting the pins on the throwout bearing might be fun, but should be doable.

as far as driving it....a functioning clutch pedal isnt required to drive these things.
start and stall it in gear at red lights, then float the shifts.

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So wait wouldn’t the car jump forward if I tried to start it in gear?
yes when you start it in gear, it will start moving.....with a warm engine, its almost flawless...a slight lurch and then you are driving.

the video starts with it running, i turn it off, put it in 1st then reach up and start it, then drive off, then it's through all four gears and back to first, all with no clutch pedal play.
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Washer worked - tried without clutch - had to slam it into gears so decided to just install the washer and works well.

I backed the bolts out a bit and added the washer - sitting in first or switching gears the engine rpms shoot up ... do I need to back off those bolts on the rod? They are only about half an inch from the inside end.

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