Heater Core Leak?

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Mar 14, 2019
Garden Grove, CA
Hi guys, was just wondering if you guys might know what this leak is or where it’s coming from? It’s right under the glove compartment on the passenger side. A little digging around led me to believe it might be a heater core leak but I hope not. Thanks guys.


What year is your truck. I may have some bad news for you, IIRR the heater core for the 91 to 94 are now NLA from the dealer.
Your suspicions are confirmed. Look on the bright side, you have months to source parts and schedule the down time.
If it smells like coolant, sicky sweet, when you open the doors in the morning
(or if you smell it directly) it's likely the heater core.

Try some searches for heater+core+leak

As you're in Cali, here's one link to a discussion about stopping
all flow through the heater core:

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