Guide for radiator support replacement?

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Apr 25, 2016
Austin, TX
Hey guys, anyone know of a guide to replacing the radiator support? The current one was damaged in a light accident and now rubs the wheel when the passenger side is compressed. This will be my first real work on my LC (and first radiator related work ever) and don't want to miss anything common like "make sure you ... before you ..."

Never heard of a specific procedure. Just basic body work. Fender liner damaged also? Pix would help.
:skull: Bringing this back from the dead.

@Devigili22 what was your solution? Have to started the work yet? I'm looking to replace mine as well.
Haha, what I actually ended up doing was noticing the end that was damaged wasn't really important I heated it up with a propane torch and hit it back in place (close enough) with a 5lb sledge lol. I'm building mine as a cheap expedition rig and "good enough" is totally acceptable when talking about aesthetics.

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