Grim MTB Injury

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Darwin strikes again.... What a tool.
He's a lucky dude! Mountain biking is my favorite hobby. If I forget the helmet, I turn around and go home. No helmet, no ride! I've been fortunate as my accidents have never involved the noggin.
That looks like it hurts like hell, blah!

I have broken a few helmets in half after front wheels have granaded when coming up a little long on some hits my bikes, saved my life. When doing stupid things always strap a nugget cap on! I have been thinking about using one when I go wheeling on some of the bigger climbs.
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That'll buff right out...
I think I will pass on lookin...I wanna enjoy my next ride without some sublimal image foggin me psyche...
I did a pretty good roll off a ledge one time without a helmet, but I managed to get lucky and land on my knee. :rolleyes: That was my last ride without a helmet.
Where is the midget faceplant anigif when you need it?

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