going to Anza with the kids

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Oct 20, 2005
Reno NV
Taking the kids and some friends to Anza camping. Having never been there I am looking for maps online and some info.

Staying in one of the campgrounds and will probibly do some day stuff, don't want to do anything hard as I will be by myself.. (unless anyone else wants to go thursday and friday)

From what I have seen it is mostly sand anything extra I should take or will need???
Shoot me a PM with your e-mail and I can send you two different PDF maps. But I recommend stopping by the ranger station or stopping a ranger and you should be able to score this map for like $9.

Oh and I believe you won't be alone out their. Check the other threads.
Just bring general stuff like spare tire, extra water, tools and depending upon how far you feel like traveling away from camp, fuel.

Have fun man, you haven't been out in a while... good to see you get your chance.
Stop by the ABSP Visitors Center, your kids will love it. There is a very cool marked trail starting at the center that takes you into Palm Canyon. The center has several great maps of the park including a nice waterproof version. I'll be there from 9:00-11:00am this Friday. Take care and have fun.

Oh yeah! Bring lot's of bug repellent. According to Steve the skeeters are vicious right now.

Thanks guys, I did get the map from the ranger station for 9$ and it was worth it... we had 3 great days wednesday-friday, stayed in the camground there at borego springs, hiked to the springs and back ( carried the 3year old back and yes I am still sore) . Stopped by truckhaven on the way out, It was a great time needed the break, been working too much ( house addition and work work) ... The stars and the clear sky at night were great, next time I need to take more beer......
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