Fzj80 seems restricted.

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Nov 8, 2017
Richmond indiana
I bought the rig needing a hg so I don't know what it drove like before. I have the timing set to 6-7 degrees with the terminals jumped. The truck runs well although I am getting a the nonsuffencient code. The exhaust sounds really restricted, like it labors i. The upper rpms. Maybe I'm just not used to this engine but I would think it should have a little more power than it does. What will removing the cat do besides a cel. I don't care about the rear o2 reading dirty as it does not affect the drive cycle.​
Do you still have the terminals jumped after setting the timing?
They're slow. Even the 1FZ-FE.

What year? There are minor differences between years. It helps diagnose.
Typically cats get clogged because the internal material (platinum) breaks apart and turns 90 degrees blocking the flow to the out pipe in the cat. This is usually caused due to a backfire. If you hit the cat with a rubber mallet and hear internal rattling then your cat is bad. You can also be hearing a rattling while the engine is running, just make sure its not the external cat shields. @Corbet stated above X2. If you're curious about your vehicle's performance you might check this out: 0 to 60 times. How slow/fast is your 80? w/ videos

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