Front Rattling - Brakes? Rotor? Other?

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Dec 7, 2016
Los Angeles
I know noises are hard to accurately diagnose sometimes, but I've been hunting this one for a minute. It's a rattle from near both front wheels. When I go over even the smallest of bumps, it sounds like a metal lid jumping on a pot of boiling water, or like a few links of chain clanking. The sound started immediately after a mechanice installed new EBC rotors and pads.

The sound goes away completely with the slightest of brake pressure.

I've read on various forums that people think it's the brake pad anti-rattle clips, but I don't think that's the case as when I take the wheels off and disassemble the caliper, I can barely wiggle the pads with my fingers, so they're not that loose to be rattling around like this I don't think.

I did notice that after the wheels is off, the rotor itself has play in it while the caliper is still assembled/attached with the pads in. I can wiggle and rock the section of the rotor diagonally opposed to the caliper while the pads etc are still in. Is the rotor really pressed and held snug in place exclusively by the caliper and the lug nuts? There doesn't appear to be any other type of fastening happening.

I did see a youtube video of a mechanic who uses a lug nut to set the rotor flush to the hub BEFORE attaching and tightening the caliper. Thus ensuring things are aligned properly. Is it possible that by skipping this unofficial step that I'm introducing some slop and play by installing the caliper on a rotor that isn't fastened snug against the hub? Wouldn't the lugs have to be loose enough to allow the rotor to not be flush to the hub?

Anyone else have any experience with this type of rattling?

You need these... I had the exact same noise and similar feel to the pads (didn't feel loose by hand). The sound didn't totally go away until I installed two per caliper. There was only one per caliper when I bought the truck.

Sounds like pad slap for sure. Pins are floating or you are missing the clips above.
Gotta love it when it is something simple!

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