front differential rebuild (not CV)

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Apr 2, 2011
Hi folks, i`ve been seraching the forum, and i might be blind. but i was looking for a writeup on overhaul on the front differential. there is a nice guide to the birfields and birfields here:

but not anything on the front differential itself. i have this whining noise that comes from the front diff and i need to rebuild it.

is there any previous post/writeups on this?
or can somebody point me in the right direction, regarding getting the right parts and such.

for a HDJ80, full time 4WD.
Look under the "FJ80 Hi-pinion 8" section of this page: Toyota Gear Installs

that was excellent!

know where i can buy a complete bearing/gasket/etc kit?

holy sh..t!

The gear on the left is just fine, what are you worried about!??! :lol::lol::lol::lol::D:D

By the way, ZUK's website and work is excellent!
lol wow, run broke much?
i will regear eventually. but going to start with arb lockers and 35" (economy, will use stock flares). then i will go up to 38" where i am supposed to be.:)

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