Front Control Arm Bushing Tool

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Mar 18, 2005
Charles Town, WV
IIRC Slee used sell this. Is there another vendor who sells this? Is there a custom tool that I can make?

I wanna replace my front bushings. The new ones have been sittin' round in the garage for 2.5 years now...

i used a large socket bought from northern tools, sorry dont remember the size
... Is there a custom tool that I can make?

They are way easy to make, if you have access to a lathe.
Curious: Why are you replacing them? Is there a symptom?

(Ive got the bushings and press insert sitting in my garage... was thinking that the axle side or frame side bushings were the problem)
I have made a few, the trick to making the bushings push relatively easily is having a good, square setup. If your push is at an angle, deforms the bushing shell, etc, the tonnage needed to push them goes way up. Made one from alloy, it tended to "smoosh" on the edge where it contacted the bushing and needed to be refaced often. The steel one has been much more successful.:hillbilly:

The push tool is 2.355" OD, 1.963" ID and the relief depth is .25", the only one that really matters with any precision is OD? The receiver tool is scrap pipe, 2.875" OD, 2.5" ID and 2.5" tall, with the ends faced square.
Would you mind sharing any symptoms is applicable?
I used the aluminum tool from slee and it did indeed distort so I found a socket in the toolbox which worked much better.
I want to replace the bushings because they've got 201K miles on them. I have intermittent very mild vibration at high speed but I doubt it's for the worn bushings although they might be contributing some thing to it. So no symptoms' just wanna replace the old bushings with the new ones.

I just got done replacing ALL of the bushings in my 80. Since your bushings will probably be frozen in place due to the salt, I suggest using a metal press die vs an alum one. I used a front hub socket that I had laying around and I think it was used for the front hub of a 80's vintage Ford Bronco. It looks like it had four "key's at one time that I ground off.

Anyway, you can grind the outside down just so slightly and it'll match the OD of the front bushings. Mine is ground down just enough for the paint to be removed. Also, you'll want a catch socket/cylinder of some sort when the bushings goes through the control arm. For this, I used an old bearing housing from the Subaru. See the pics and it'll make more sense.

So, use the metal die to press out the old bushings, clean out the area with a mild honing/sanding, then grease the area and press in the new bushings. If you have the Alum press tool, that should work fine. One side of the control arm opening is chamfered so you'll want to place the press tool here.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how the ride is much better after the new bushings. Do be aware that your old bushings will not want to come out and when they finally give, get ready for Shock and Awe! She's gonna let go with a BANG and may even BANG few more times until she's finally out of the bore!!!

The socket has this info on it: KD 2467, made in USA

Here's a pic of the socket in use - pressing in Slee bushings in the rear arm.






I now have quite the collections of Press die and catch die in my arsenal. Let me know if you have any questions. :cheers:
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Ali, you da man! :cheers:

Much appreciate the details. I will send you a PM once I get ready to do this.


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