Front axle=BIG mess. Help!!

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Mar 6, 2010
Montrose, CO
Finally getting the chance to pull the center sections out of the new to us 97 for gear upgrades, ARB's, and general service. We knew the front R&P was shot when we bought it. To make a long story shorter, when I went to pull the R side ABS sensor it put up a fight and when it did finally come out a section of it looked like someone had taken a grinder to the bottom of it:eek: Further research showed that the reluctor ring had come off and that's what chewed it up, so now I need an ABS sensor. Oh yeah I almost forgot, also on the passenger side I find that the brass spindle bushing has pulled out of the spindle and fused itself to the axle:doh:. not to mention there was only about 2-3 tablespoons of old hardened grease in the bottom of the knuckle and next to none in the birf. SO anyone got a good used ABS sensor they might want to part with? It looks like a birf replacement is in the offing as well:crybaby: It's time to break out the Jack Daniels:bang:
Can't believe everyone (me included) left you hanging., what did you do?

From this we can all learns the perils of way too little grease.
That sucks bro. These old trucks sometimes need a lot of love. When you get it back together, and you're driving down the road enjoying it, you'll have an extra wide smile for all the frustrations your worked through along the way.
Keep at 'er, you'll get there.

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