Wanted Found One-FJ45 Rusted out, nothing to salvage but Vin Tag and Registration

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United States
I need any year FJ45 only for the vin tag and registration. Condition does not matter. It can be wrecked, rusted out, nothing but scrap metal.
but I need the vin tag and registration or bill of sale.
Based upon the comment below, I will need the frame vin cutout also.
email gwalt584@aol.com, text or call 601-319-9970 or PM me.
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Don't know Mississippi regulations, but wouldn't you also want the torched cutout of the serial number that's stamped into the frame?

Here in Commie California the RulingPowers can check for frame documentation. If your truck is ever sold to someone here or in a similar state, it might be needed. Icon4x4 uses these cutouts welded to their new frames to continue the registration of their NEW vehicles as older dated (pre-smog) trucks.

Not an issue for an off-road only vehicle.
I found the Vin plate and tag. I also was lucky enough to get the bill of sale from the seller as well as a copy of the bill of sale where he purchased it. that should be good for any state.

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