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Aug 17, 2013
Eagle County, CO
Hello all, this is my first post. I am by history a rock crawling guy (currently have a 4dr JK on 1 tons, coilovers, 40's etc.) but have wanted for years to do more of an expedition style rig and go on some adventures. Funny enough, after watching the recent xtreme 4x4 Trekking Tacoma episodes I decided to get off my ass and go find a rig to start building up. After looking at alot of different options I decided on doing a landcruiser. Found a really sweet deal on a FJ80 3FE after a few weeks of looking. I am going to pick it up monday. A really stupid good deal. This guys had it sitting in his front lawn for 2 years because a bearing in the Tcase froze up and it hasnt moved since. Ran great before that no issues. Which leads to my question: Looking at local parts searches when pulling up 1991 FJ80 I get two options 11:1 speedo gear ratio and 12:1 speedo gear ratio (31 tire)...which is correct and/or any reason I couldn't do the 12:1? Also, since I'm getting a new one is it worth doing the Slee part time conversion before I stick it in the truck? Thanks and look forward to spending some more time on the forum.
Welcome to mud. if you want a rebuilt transfer case, call Robbie bbie Antonson in Boulder, Colorado. He is probably the most knowledgable guy around on the 80 series transfer case. He did a great job on mine. Stellar reputation.
This guys had it sitting in his front lawn for 2 years because a bearing in the Tcase froze up

You kind of have to wonder how that happened. These transfer cases are fairly bulletproof. A seized bearing would be a sign of oil starvation. Makes me wonder what else was neglected.
Used FJ80 transfer cases can be had from between $100-$200.

The speedometer drive gear you're referring to is in the rear output housing of the transfer case. 99% of US spec FJ80 came with 31" tires.
Thanks guys appreciate the info. and Jonheld you make a good point. Everything i've heard about FJ80's (espcially the first couple years) is overbuilt and underpowered. So the tcase going out might be a sign of other things to come. so maybe rather than spending
Everything i've heard about FJ80's (espcially the first couple years) is overbuilt and underpowered

LOL. That is the truth. The 3FE is a very reliable motor, but it is 1987 technology that was designed to run on 3rd world fuel and last for years without any maintenance and be mostly field repairable. Not a lot of magic on this one.
Essentially it is a tractor motor. Lots of low end torque that fades as the RPMs increase. It will pull a house off its foundation just a bit above idle, but you have to really get into the throttle to merge onto a highway.
It will be a slow ride by today's standards, but it will always get you home.
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If you got a new one taken apart, I agree, go with a part time kit along with a 3:1 Marlin crawler gear set. Given the super duper high output of the mighty 3FE, the extra crawl ratio will be a welcome mod.

As far as the speedo gear ratio, I had a '97 80 series with 285 tires and bought the correct gear compensated for the larger tires. I'd guess the same thing can be had for your '91 as well.

Just yesterday I took two 2013 JKUs mild wheeling in the mountains near by. The lady driver was having way too much fun for being her first time, while the husband was a "little" tense sitting in the passenger seat. Given that the odo showed only 1,000 miles, I can see why he was a tad tenuous :D

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