FJ40 horn brush

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Mar 4, 2014
On my early 1971 truck I had the horns working correctly after I installed a new horn relay.
Now they don't work. Somehow the wire that enters the steering column near the fire wall fell out. Now I have a grommet in the steering column and a wire that goes in it hanging outside. This wire goes to the horn relay and when grounded the horns work fine.
So where does this wire go when it enters the steering column? Is there a horn brush somewhere this wire connects to?
Any help is appreciated.
the wire attaches to the so-called horn ring (#6) that's at the top of the steering column - on that horn ring rides a brush (#11, no longer available) - actually, it's a small rod that attaches to a spring connected to the so-called horn brush plate (#5) and can slip off the horn ring when it gets worn - to avoid that slippage and keep the spring pointed straight at the ring, use a piece of McDonald's straw over the spring and top of the brush (perfect diameter, but keep the some space for the spring to properly compress when the horn is pushed) to stabilize the assembly

other parts that tend to disintegrate with time: #4 rubber insulator - can be replaced with a big flat rubber washer from Ace; or you can file a generic rubber grommet down to fit over the bolt and into the horn brush plate opening - #5 needs to be insulated from #3 the horn contact plate, or the horn will honk continuously

a drawing can be found here:



Thank you very much. I thought the brush was down inside the steering column. I'll pull it apart and run a new wire through the column. My brush is fine as I checked it when I bought the car.
Thanks for the pics. That really helped.
Happy New Year

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