Feedback on faucets: Moen cust service

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Sep 20, 2003
in case that helps somebody:

I put in a new kitchen faucet 2 or 3 or 4 years ago. Got a Moen, fairly inexpensive.
It got to be really hard to swivel (and also a bit discolored from sunlight - it is white)
Turns out the cartridge must have leaked a bit and the insides were rusted which made the swivelling hard and gritty.

Called Moen Customer Service. Had to pleasure of chatting with a young woman who knew about plumbing. Sexyyyy! :D

And she volunteered to send me a brand new faucet (not just the rusted part, the whole thing) and no cost with free shipping. Choice of color too, including brushed metal. And I got it in 2 days or so. No asking about receipt, dates etc.

So a problem with the product, but excellent Customer Service. Kudos on the latter!
I've had the same excellent customer service with Kohler. I will say though that you need to know the part number of the item in need.
I didn't bother to look up the box and all, but the model number was thankfully stamped inside and the cutie (I hope) had me look it up. Those one-handle faucets have quite a few parts inside actually. (And some of those leak, evidently.)

I may need to hit Koehler too for flapper/globe toilet flush valves cuz all of the aftermarket replacement ones I found recently leak. Bummer. But that's not a warranty thing, of course.
Hi, Building and remodeling like we do ,we use most major brands . American Standard , Kohler , Moen all do a good job with replaceing their faucets. The fancy European brands usually do not or give us the most problems. We don't install no name brands , can't find parts. Mike
echo Firestopper--Kohler is excellent-they will send you a new unit if you need it-no questions
I had a similar experience with Moen abt a year or so ago. Nothing beats good customer service
echo Firestopper--Kohler is excellent-they will send you a new unit if you need it-no questions

/this\ is my experience, too

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